Ricco Gets Suave at Twinks for Cash

August 17th, 2006
new twink: Ricco
video clips: 76 minutes
pics: 124
cash: $950
Cute twink Ricco was hanging at the park and told us he was looking for work (at a park!?!). When you’re a poor college student like Ricco, sometimes you’ll do anything for cash, like suck and fuck two guys you don’t even know. Ricco had a great body and a nice tight ass. He was a quick learner too! There’s not a temp job around that pays as well as Twinks for Cash. Talk about bang for your buck! With skills like his, this twink won’t be flipping burgers anytime soon!
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Jesse Gets Messy at Twinks for Cash!

August 12th, 2006
new twink: Jesse
video clips: 88 min.
pics: 164
cash: $1150

Poor twink Jesse here was handing out flyers just to make a buck. Luckily for him, sucking cock pays far better and is a lot more fun. This twink didn’t come cheap but in the end, Jesse was worth every penny. He was a natural when it comes to giving head and he had a nice tight ass. What more can you ask for in a cute twink? Jesse didn’t even mind the double facial at the end!

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Horny Twink Chip Fucks for Cash

July 26th, 2006
new twink: Chip
video clips: 84 min.
pics: 124
cash: $800
We were out cruising for twinks when we saw Chip walking down the street in his sleeveless Fcuk shirt. This twinks first mistake was telling us he’d do anything for cash. Chip thought we were just doing a regular modeling gig until we stuffed some Benjamins in the crack of his ass. Of course that’s not the only thing we stuffed in his ass! His mouth was fair game too! Chip was so into it he probably would have fucked us for free but we gave him 800 bucks just to be nice. Check out Chip’s Twinks for Cash video clips below.
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Hyde Plays Hide the Sausage with Twinks for Cash

July 15th, 2006
new twink: Hyde
video clips: 80 min.
pics: 193
cash: $1200

We happened to splash Hyde as we were driving by and being the gentlemen we are, we offered to give him some new clothes and let him take a shower at the studio. This twink was real receptive to the idea of doing some modeling for cash and the more we gave him, the farther he was willing to go. It cost us $1200 cash money to tag team this cute twink. A bit on the expensive side but still worth every fucking penny!

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